Microquanta Completed a Series D financing
来源: 发布时间:2022-10-09

Recently, Microquanta completed a series D financing. This series of financing is led by CMB International and Hangkai Group. The funds will mainly be used for the development of cutting-edge perovskite technology and GW-level production line expansion, and accelerate the layout of the second stage of perovskite commercialization.

Since Microquanta established, it has obtained the strategic investment of Three Gorges Group, Beijing Energy Group, CMB International, Hangkai Group, Zhejiang Energy Group, Quzhou Financial Holding Group, Kunlun Capital Limited, Zhejiang Haibang Investment Management and other capital. Thank you for your support to the development of perovskite industry, and the recognition of the industrialization process of Microquanta.

Perovskite has a wide range of application scenarios, covering the utility-scale solar farms, distributed solar systems, BIPV and urban PV. With the first production of the world's first 100 MW production line and the release of the world's first perovskite module, the company will continue to improve and innovate to help perovskite industry enter a period of rapid development.