Microquanta was approved to participate in the key project "key technology of perovskite solar cells with lifetime of 10000 hours" of Ministry of Science and Technology
来源: 发布时间:2021-01-19

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced the key project of the national key research and development plan of 2020 "renewable energy and hydrogen energy technology", and "key technology of perovskite solar cells with lifetime of 10000 hours" was successfully approved. The project is led by the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with the participation of Soochow University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, North China Electric Power University and Hangzhou Microquanta Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

1.  Barriers to industrialization will be removed

The key project of "key technology of perovskite solar cells with lifetime of 10000 hours" provides stronger technical support and innovation prospects for further industrialization development of perovskite technology and optimization of lifetime of cells in practical application scene. The success of the project will mark the elimination of obstacles to the industrialization of perovskite modules, the cost of PV lower than the cost of the existing power generation technology will become a reality.

Key Standard technologies

It is understood that the national key R&D plan is the integration of the national key basic R&D program (973 program), the national high technology R&D program (863 program), the national science and technology support plan, the international technology cooperation and exchanges in special, the industrial technology R&D funds and scientific research projects and other public welfare industry, in view of the major social commonweal research related to national economy and people's livelihood, industry core competitiveness, the overall independent innovation capability, and national security strategic, fundamental, main prospective scientific problems, key standard technologies.

In this project Microquanta is responsible for structure design, preparation, and the associated high quality barrier encapsulation techniques of highly stable perovskite solar cell, to meet the requirements.

3.  Stability improves steadily

Since Microquanta started in 2015, it has transformed from the initial R&D of basic materials to industrial manufacturing and has become the most commercialized perovskite technology company at present.

In 2020, Microquanta passed IEC stability test as the world of first; In the beginning of 2021, the stability of the perovskite PV modules continued to improve, in early January, passed the double 85 aging test (3 times IEC61215 standard) and UV preconditioning test (6.5 times IEC61215).

Theoretically, the stability of perovskite solar cells has almost been able to be equivalent to the lifetime of C-Si. Scientists keep optimizing all aspects of technologies to ensure the perovskite cells always stay in the most suitable environment and isolated from outside world, which greatly improves the stability of the module.