Deputy Secretary of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Quzhou Feifan Tang Led a Team to Investigate Microquanta
From: Date:2021-02-22

On the afternoon of February 20, Feifan Tang, deputy secretary of the CPC Quzhou Municipal Committee and mayor of Quzhou, led a team to investigate Quzhou Microquanta New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in the Quzhou Smart Town. City leaders Jinbiao Chen, Liangchun Wang, Jun Lian, Lishui Xu and other participated. CEO Jizhong Yao and executive vice president Buyi Yan accompanied the leaders.

Mayor Tang commended the breakthrough made in perovskite technology and inquired about the production and operation of Microquanta in detail. Jizhong Yao reported the characteristics of perovskite-related products and the four application directions that the company is currently focusing on, such as BIPV, smart transportation, urban outdoor PV furniture and new Agricultural-complementary PV.

Before leaving, Mayor Tang urged relevant personnel accompanying him to do a solid job in the service work of "group association", actively help enterprises to promote and apply new products, promote high-quality enterprises like Microquanta to accelerate their entry into the capital market, and jointly promote the green and low-carbon development of Quzhou.