Microquanta selected into the BIPV standard working group of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA)
From: Date:2020-11-03

Recently, the meeting of BIPV standard working group of CPIA Standardization Technical Committee was held in Beijing for the first time. Microquanta co., LTD. and Microquanta were invited to the meeting. Dr. Buyi Yan, the company’s co-founder and executive vice President, was selected to be a member of BIPV standard working group.


Members of the working group cover the research institutes in the field of BIPV, third-party certification testing organizations as well as the construction, operation and manufacturing companies. During the meeting, the rules and regulations of standardization working group were presented with detailed revision process. Microquanta, as the industry representative of perovskite technology, which is known as the novel thin film material, participated in the discussion of BIPV related content of the construction of the standard system and was issued a certificate.

Microquanta is one of the leading companies in developing the cutting-edge perovskite solar cells, creating diversified photovoltaic products, and supporting various application scenarios. Currently, the BIPV strategy of the company is focused on the field of public buildings. Microquanta BIPV Design Institute was thus set up and led by well-known architects to promote the development of BIPV industry through the professional perspectives.

Minghua Wang as the head of Microquanta Design Institute was issued a certificate

In the future, the company will continue to improve the energy conversion efficiency and stability of perovskite modules, keep the leading position in the field of perovskite solar cells, and integrate the independent innovation of science and technology into the green transformation of energy production and life style.