Microquanta won the first place for the seventh consecutive time of mini perovskite modules with 18.04% efficiency
From: Date:2020-07-14

Recently, the most authoritative “Solar Cell Efficiency Tables” in the global photovoltaic industry released the latest records in the middle of 2020. Hangzhou Microquanta Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. won the first place for the seventh consecutive time with the  mini perovskite module photoelectric conversion efficiency of 18.04%.

 “Solar cell efficiency tables” (Version 56)


Since 2017, when Microquanta broke the overseas techinical monopoly on perovskite photovoltaic technology for the first time, it has been listed for 7 times in 3 consecutive years. Microquanta keeps challenging itself to innovate new technology independently. After more than two hundred days and nights of researching and trial and error, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of perovskite mini-module was finally increased from 17.30% to 18.04%.

In the future, Microquanta will continue to be focus on scientific research and commercializing development,


“Solar cell efficiency tables” is an authoritative list compiled by the “father of photovoltaics” Prof. Martin Green and scientists from the United States, Japan, Italy, Australia and some other countries, reprensenting the world-leading innovation level of photovoltaic technology. This list only recognizes the test results provided by seven third-party testing institutions recognized worldwide, including NREL, AIST, JRC-ESTI and Fraunhofer-ISE.