CPVS awards Microquanta for the highest efficiency of perovskite solar modules in China
From: Date:2020-09-29

On September 21, China Photovoltaic Society (CPVS) released the "2020 Chinese Solar Cell Efficiency Table" at the 2020 China Renewable Energy Academic Conference and the 2nd Yunnan Green Energy International Forum in Kunming. The 18.04% conversion efficiency of Microqunta's perovskite mini module (19.276cm²) was selected in the list, which breaks the record for the highest efficiency in China held by the company itself in 2019, as well as the world record efficiency in this category.


2020 Chinese Solar Cell Efficiency Table

*(t), total area; (da), designated illumination area; (ap),aperture area

The release of the Chinese solar cell efficiency table aims to demonstrate the highest level of research and development of solar technologies in China in a comprehensive, systematic, authoritative and timely method, which further promotes the innovations in the solar industry. There are three types of solar cells in the table, including crystalline silicon solar cells, CZTSSe thin film solar cells, and perovskite solar cells.

After Microqunta broke the world record efficiency of perovskite solar modules in 2017, it has maintained the momentum of independent innovation. The company has been holding the highest efficiency in China for the 4th year, and also topped the world record list for 7 times, which shows the leading position of the company. In 2019, the company’s perovskite solar modules passed the stability test for the first time in the world, which was another exciting milestone for the company.

With the company's continuous breakthroughs and exploration in commercialization, Microqunta will continue to move forward in this area of new semiconductor materials with its commitment of social responsibility.