Microquanta completed a ¥360 Million series C financing
From: Date:2021-01-22

Recently, the world's leading perovskite photovoltaic technology company, Microquanta announced the completion of series C financing, a total of 360 million yuan, by the Three Gorges Capital, Beijing Energy Holding Co., Ltd., Quzhou Financial Holding Co., Ltd., and other investors with the investment. This round of financing will be used for 100 MW production line expansion of perovskite, tandem product upgrade and projects of R&D and production.

Founded in 2015, Microquanta focused on the R&D of new perovskite materials and the improvement of perovskite cell efficiency in the early stage, and then explored the core commercial research of perovskite mass production and module stability. The related products include large-area high-efficiency perovskite modules, perovskite color photovoltaic modules, perovskite lightweight modules and tandem modules, which are applied in centralized, distributed and low-carbon actualizing integrated energy developing scenarios such as ground power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, and BIPV.